Create an Exclusive Link

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

An exclu­sive link between code but­tons means that only one of the linked but­tons can be active at any one time. Activating an exclu­sive­ly-linked code but­ton will deac­ti­vate the oth­er linked button(s). An exclu­sive link between a label but­ton and a code but­ton ensures that the label will only be applied to instances cre­at­ed with that code button.

  1. Enter Edit mode in the code window.

  2. Open the inspec­tor win­dow for a but­ton that you’d like to be exclu­sive­ly linked.

    You can open the Inspector win­dow for a but­ton by dou­ble-click­ing the but­ton or sin­gle click­ing the but­ton and then click­ing the Inspector icon in the code win­dow toolbar.

  3. In the Behaviour tab, click the Exclusive link drop-down and click the but­ton you’d like to exclu­sive­ly link to the cur­rent button.

    Keyboard Shortcut: hold Control and click and drag between two but­tons to cre­ate an exclu­sive link.

  4. If your exclu­sive link is between two code but­tons, a pur­ple line should appear between the but­tons. If your exclu­sive link is between a code but­ton and a label but­ton, a light blue line should appear between the buttons.

    Do not cre­ate an exclu­sive link between two label but­tons. Those two labels will not be applied to any instance even if activated.