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Update your Sportscode Registration

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

This tutorial explains how to update a Sportscode license from an old or expired version to the newest version. If you've never used Sportscode on your computer and were issued a new license, please start fresh by installing and registering Sportscode. 

  1. Click Sportscode and select Registration…

    If your Sportscode registration has expired, you won't have this menu of choices. Instead you'll see an outdated version message. Copy the code in the window, then click OK.

  2. Enter your old code and click Deregister.

  3. Open Applications, then uninstall Sportscode by dragging the application icon to your trash can.

  4. Download the installer file for Sportscode or Sportscode Gamebreaker Plus.

  5. Double-click the installer zip file in your Downloads folder, then right-click the installer package icon and select Open.

  6. Continue selecting the affirmative options (Continue, Agree, Install, etc.) until your installation is complete.

  7. Launch your newly-installed Sportscode application.

  8. In the registration box, enter your new code. Once you see the green check mark appear, select Register.

  9. You'll see a registration success message—click OK.

  10. Click Sportscode, then select Check for updates... to install the newest version of Sportscode or Sportscode Gamebreaker Plus.