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Transfer a License to a New Computer

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

  1. Launch Sportscode. 

  2. Click SportscodeSystem Information.

  3. The Online ID field will show your currently registered license.

    There are digits of the license code that are replaced with an "X" for privacy reasons. You'll need to get those actual digits to have the full, unprotected license code to complete this process.

  4. Close the System Information window and click Sportscode and choose Registration...

    In older versions of Sportscode, this option was called Change registration code...

  5. Enter the license code you are deregistering and click Deregister.

    You should receive a message that says that the license was deregistered successfully. If anything else happens, document exactly what error message you see and contact your local support team.

  6. Download the installer file for Sportscode or Sportscode Gamebreaker Plus on the second computer.
  7. Locate the downloaded installer file. By default, the file should be in your computer’s Downloads folder.

  8. Double-click the installer zip file and then right-click the installer package icon. Click Open.

  9. Keep selecting the affirmative answer (Continue, Agree, etc) until the installation is complete.

    You'll likely need to enter your Admin password at some point during the installation.

  10. Single click anywhere on the desktop once the installation is complete.

  11. Press Shift CommandA on the keyboard to open your Applications folder.

  12. Click and drag Sportscode icon to your dock to create a shortcut for the program.

  13. Launch Sportscode from the dock.

  14. Enter your Sportscode license in the text field.

    License codes are case sensitive.

  15. Click Register. You'll need to enter your Admin password.

    Once the progress bar completes, you should receive a message saying that the registration was successful. Document any other message(s) you receive.

  16. Launch Sportscode and immediately click SportscodeCheck for updates to update your software to the latest version with all the newest features.

IMPORTANT: After completing the installation process, click Sportscode (or Sportscode Gamebreaker) in the menu at the top of the screen, then click Check for updates. Without updating the software, you'll likely experience capture or playback issues.