Register a Sportscode License

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

Install Sportscode before fol­low­ing these steps to reg­is­ter your license. Click here for directions.

  1. Launch Sportscode.

  2. Enter your license code into the reg­is­tra­tion field.

    License codes are case sensitive.

  3. If the code is entered cor­rect­ly, a green check­mark should appear.

  4. Click Register. You should receive a mes­sage say­ing the reg­is­tra­tion was successful.

    Once a license is reg­is­tered to a machine, it can­not be reg­is­tered on any oth­er com­put­er with­out being dereg­is­tered from the cur­rent machine.