Known Issues

Issue #1: Stuck on Uploading

Occurs when:

  • Loading cir­cle appears
  • Getting Team Information appears
  1. Log out of the Hudl Sideline app.

  2. Log out of the Hudl app.

  3. Log back in to the Hudl Sideline app only. Your upload should start again automatically.

Issue #2: Missing Angle on Viewing Device

Occurs when:

  • Both angles appear on the record­ing device
  • One of the angles is miss­ing on the view­ing devices
  1. Tap Camera Setup and tog­gle off the miss­ing angle.

  2. Force-close the app. To do this, exit out of the app and dou­ble-tap the Home but­ton.

  3. Tap the Hudl app and swipe up on the screen.

  4. Reopen the Hudl Sideline app and resume viewing.

Issue #3: Missing Angle on Viewing Device

Occurs when:

  • The pow­er cable for the stream­ing kit gets swapped with the pow­er cable for the HDMI splitter
  • Power cables are used with the wrong devices

We’ve noticed that some teams have acci­den­tal­ly swapped the AC pow­er cords for their stream­ing kits, HDMI split­ters and portable bat­ter­ies. Please be care­ful, as using the incor­rect cord will dam­age the hardware.

We sug­gest that you label all cords before your next game to avoid any confusion.