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Pregame Checklist

Charge all hardware and devices.

Charge the Battery (A) and all recording/viewing devices overnight.

Log in to the Hudl Sideline App.

Be sure to log in whenever Wi-Fi is available. You will not be able to log in while connected to the Hudl Sideline network.

Gather backup cords.

It never hurts to be prepared with backup pieces like HDMI adapters and cables.

Prepare for weather.

The Sideline Access Point (E), End Zone Bridge (F) and Press Box Bridge (I) are weatherproof. All other hardware must be protected.

Check the storage on all iPads/iPhones.

Make sure you have at least 4 GB of free space. To check your free space, navigate to Settings, select General and tap Storage & iCloud Usage.

Check for updates.

Make sure all devices are on the most recent operating system (iOS) with the latest version of Hudl Sideline. App updates are available anytime we make improvements.