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Upload to Hudl

  1. On the recording device, tap Stop Broadcasting.

  2. Tap This Game Is Over.

  3. Open the device's Settings app.

  4. Tap Wi-Fi.

  5. Hudl Sideline networks do not support uploads so you'll need to use a home, school or public Wi-Fi. Select the network and enter the password if prompted.

  6. Close the Settings app and go back to the Hudl Sideline app.

  7. Tap Review and Upload.

  8. Tap Upload.

  9. Select the team you're uploading to and tap Next Step.

  10. Select the schedule entry and tap Next Step.

  11. Choose Game or Practice and update its name if needed. Then tap Next Step.

  12. Select who can view the video and tap Upload to Hudl. Upload progress will appear next to the video. Keep the app open and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the upload.