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In-Game FAQ

How do I know which Access Point to connect to?
Connect your device to the network that’s closest. When you’re connected to the wrong one, you could see poor video quality -- pixelation and green or gray boxes overlaying the video -- and slow download speeds. To check which network the device is connected to, navigate to Settings and tap Wi-Fi. The connected network is indicated with a checkmark.  

To ensure the device stays on the preferred network, forget other networks. Navigate to Settings, tap Wi-Fi, tap the information icon next to the network name and choose Forget This Network.

Pro Tip: Label each device with a piece of tape identify which network they should remain connected to throughout the season.

Can I watch plays at halftime?
You can! Just grab your connected viewing devices. You’ll want to keep your recording device in the press box and on the Hudl network so as not to interrupt the recording session, and be sure to keep the viewing session open on viewing devices. Do not turn off the iPads, tap the back button or close out of the app.

The devices can’t download additional clips when disconnected from the Sideline network, so be sure you can see the clips you need before heading to the locker room.

Once you’re back on the field, make sure your devices are connected to the correct Hudl networks. Reminder: Devices on the sideline will connect to Hudl_Sideline_XXXX and devices in the press box will connect to Hudl_Pressbox_XXXX.

Do I still need to record on my camera?
That’s up to you. Recording on your camera is a good backup option should any environmental scenarios cause errors with Sideline. Recording on your camera isn’t vital to running Sideline, as the recording iPad sends video to your viewing devices and you can upload from the app.

Can I turn the system off at halftime?
We’d recommend leaving everything turned on. If you do turn it off, you’ll need to go through the entire setup again.

Why is the video feed lower quality?
To minimize strain on the network, Sideline reduces the quality of the video appearing on the recording and viewing devices. But don’t worry—if your camera records in HD, it will still upload in HD (up to 720p).

How do I upload?
First, you’ll need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Hudl Sideline provides a network, but not internet. If you’re traveling after an away game, you can watch the clips on viewing devices and wait to upload once Wi-Fi is available.

When uploading, make sure to keep the app open, active and connected to internet. Any interruption will cause the upload to pause.

Click here for step-by-step uploading instructions.