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What You'll Need

The following hardware is necessary, but not provided by Hudl.

2 Cameras with an HDMI Output

In order for a camera to work with Hudl Sideline, it must have a live HDMI output. This means the camera can send video and data through an HDMI output as it records.

If you are looking for general recommendations or are wondering if your device is supported, click here.

2 HDMI Cords

You'll need a compatible HDMI cord for each of your cameras. Depending on your camera, you may need an adapter as well. Click here for our recommendations.

2 Compatible iPads or iPhones

Hudl Sideline works seamlessly with iPads and iPhones, but it’s important that you stick with our supported devices. Unsupported models, such as older devices and those with outdated software will affect the entire system. Here's a list of supported devices.