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Weather Gear Recommendations

Rain Coat

Movo Extra Long Rain Coat for Cameras
We used this rain coat through downpours and snowy Nebraska weather. No matter the elements, the cameras remained safe and dry. It’s adjustable, fits nearly any camera, and has a plastic see-through window so you won't miss a moment of the action. Click here to take a look.

Cable Sleeve

DigitGear Neoprene Cable Sleeve
Grab this sleeve to keep cables organized and dry. We used it during testing to protect the end zone bridge and sideline access point ethernet cables. The padding of the sleeve allows you to close (not latch) the end zone kit lid without pinching or damaging the cables. Check out the sleeve here.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarp

Super Heavy Duty Brown Tarp
This tarp is a game-saver when inclement weather is on the horizon. Whenever rain is threatening or the ground is wet, use this tarp for an extra layer of protection.

Dome Tent

Coleman Kids 2-person Dome Tent
Place your end zone kit inside this tent during extreme weather conditions. Keep the kit out of harm’s way, and run your end zone bridge and sideline access point out the zipped door to the tripod outside. Click here to check it out.