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Camera & End Zone System Recommendations

This tutorial is for Sideline kits manufactured prior to 2023. You can see the tutorials for 2023 hardware here. Not sure which kit you have? Learn how to differentiate between Sideline hardware kits.

Not sure which end zone system or camera is best for Hudl Sideline? We’ve done our research.

End Zone Systems

Hi-Pod Camera System

Elevate your video with a Hi-Pod camera system. You’ll get everything you need for a quick and easy setup, including an HD camera. Visit their website for details and pricing.

HD Endzone Cam

Not only does this system work smoothly with Sideline, it also comes with its own camera. It's a setup that was built by coaches, for coaches. Contact them directly for more details.

Endzone Camera

This end zone system extends up to 25 feet and comes with a camera. Click here to check out package and pricing options.


In order for a camera to work with Hudl Sideline, it must be able to record in 720p have a live HDMI output. This means the camera can send video and data through an HDMI output as it records.

Follow these steps to make sure your camera is compatible:

  1. Make sure the camera has an external memory card.
  2. Connect the camera to an external monitor using the HDMI output.
  3. Press the record button on the camera.
  4. Check that the external monitor displays what's being recorded.

If the external monitor displays the video feed, your camera should work with Sideline. If it does not display the feed, you will need to look into using a different camera.

Sony CX-405

On a bud­get? This cam­era records qual­i­ty video with great reviews to back it up. Click here to check it out.

Feel free to contact Hudl Support to discuss what’s compatible.