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About Your Battery

What does my battery power?

It powers your streaming kit and edge router, which then power your sideline access point and end zone bridge via the PoE ports.

How do I know how much battery power I have left?

The battery lasts up to five hours with a full charge. The lights indicate how much life it has left.

1 light: Up to 25% battery life left
2 lights: 26-50% battery life left
3 lights: 51-75% battery life left
4 lights: 76-100% battery life left

What should my battery look like when I turn it on?

When you turn it on, make sure you’re holding down the power button for a bit. A quick tap only shows you the battery level. Once it’s on, you’ll see the following:

  • Four blue lights indicate the battery is on.

  • USB ports are lit in blue. This indicates power is being sent to the HDMI splitter hidden under the mounting plate in your kit.

  • When you slide the AC Output switch to the left, a red light turns on and indicates power is flowing to the AC port.

Do I need to charge the battery?

Yes, before every game. It takes at least 4 hours to fully charge. You’ll know it’s charging when one or more of the lights on top are flashing. Once it has four solid lights, it’s fully charged.

The charger is in your Sideline kit - above the plate, in the gap between the top of the plate and the case itself.

Tips & Tricks

  • The battery turns itself off after about 30 seconds if it’s not drawing power. Powering a single USB device isn’t always enough to keep it on.

  • When you power on the battery, let go of the power button once you see the lights turn on. Holding it down too long can turn it off.  

  • Make sure the USB for the HDMI splitter is plugged into the left USB port.
  • Keep the battery in a room temperature area when it’s not being used. Cold weather affects all types of batteries.
  • Don’t power other devices (e.g. cameras) off this battery. It will drain the battery quicker than normal and won’t last the entire game.