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Firewall Information

Pass this information on to your IT staff or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make sure you can upload and review video. Schools, districts, and organizations often have firewalls protecting their networks that can prevent devices from communicating with Hudl’s servers.

Watch Video on

  • Allow access to
  • Allow mp2t videos and mp4 videos stream. (Most firewalls can let mp2t’s and mp4’s stream for just one website. If this is the case, they need to clear it for
  • Clear http://* and*. Videos stream down from these sites.

If video does not play after following the above steps, make sure existing filters don’t conflict with these new rules. You may even need to set these rules higher on your firewall priority list.

Upload from iOS and Android

  • Our mobile apps upload video over port 80 and port 443 to *, where the * is a list of possible servers.

Publish Video with the Web Uploader

  • This only applies to teams using the latest version of Hudl (most basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey teams).
  • Web uploads go through port 80 or port 443.
  • The addresses that the web uploader communicates with are as follows: * (where the * is a list of possible servers)

Allow Emails from Hudl

  • Allow “” through any email filters (such as Barracuda).
  • Add and to email filters.