Use Playback Controls

Recruiting videos and information are only available for college coaches with a school-provided email address.

  1. From, click Search and enter the name of an athlete or school.

  2. Select an athlete profile, then select the dropdown along the right panel for Full Games.

  3. Select a game from the list of seasons available.

Playback Controls & Shortcuts

  • Fast rewind: hold left arrow
  • Slow rewind: hold up arrow
  • Play/pause: tap down arrow
  • Slow forward: hold down arrow
  • Fast forward: hold right arrow

Clip Controls & Shortcuts

  • Previous clip: tap left arrow
  • Next Clip: tap right arrow
  • Restart Clip: tap up arrow

Setting Controls

Click the gear icon for the following options:

  • Angles: check or uncheck the boxes next to the angles you want to view.
  • Options: check or uncheck the boxes to hear audio, view in HD (if available), or set up a remote.

Adjust Time Flags

This will allow you to to narrow the time frame of the clip you are viewing and focus on a short part of the clip for teaching or review. Adjusting the flags is not permanent — the clip will return to its original time frame once you move to another one.

  1. Click and drag the flags to the time you wish to view. Press Play/Pause to play the selected time frame. The time frame you selected will play repeatedly until you move to another clip.

    The green flag on the left adjusts the start point and the red flag on the right adjusts the end point. Only the video between the flags will play.