Use Inboxes in Recruit

In Recruit, every coach added to your account will have their own inbox to organize recruits. To add additional coaches to your Recruit account, send an email to with the coach’s name, email, and phone number. The email address needs to be a .edu email address for security purposes.

  1. To add a recruit to an inbox, click ADD TO MY IN BOX or SEND TO while on the athlete’s profile page. This buttons are located directly under the profile picture in the top left.

    • By clicking the ADD TO MY INBOX button, the player will be sent directly to your Staff Inbox.
    • By pressing the SEND TO button, you can specify a coach or board to send the recruit to. Each coach on the staff will have an inbox.

  2. Once the recruit has been added to an inbox, their card can be dragged between inboxes and boards as necessary. Simply click and drag or press the Send To… button to manually move them.

  3. You can click on a player’s card to be taken directly to their profile page where you can view highlights and full game film. If a player has been evaluated already with thumbs, you will see them in the upper right corner of the card and clicking the thumbs will take you to the associated plays. For more information on using thumbs in Recruit, please visit this tutorial.