Use Playback Controls

Recruiting videos and infor­ma­tion are only avail­able for col­lege coach­es with a school-pro­vid­ed email address.

  1. From recruit​.co, click Search and enter the name of an ath­lete into the search box.

  2. Select an ath­lete pro­file, then select a game to watch.

  3. Navigate the video using the play­back con­trols on the video play­er or key­board shortcuts.

Playback Shortcuts

  • Fast rewind: hold left arrow
  • Slow rewind: hold up arrow
  • Play/​pause: tap down arrow, space bar, or enter/​return
  • Slow for­ward: hold down arrow
  • Fast for­ward: hold right arrow

Clip Shortcuts

  • Previous clip: tap left arrow
  • Next Clip: tap right arrow
  • Replay Clip: tap up arrow

Setting Controls

Click the gear icon. You’ll have the fol­low­ing options:

  • Angles: select the angles you want to view.
  • Options: select whether you want to hear audio or view in HD (if avail­able). You can also set up a remote.

Adjust Time Flags

To focus on a short part of the clip, you can nar­row the time frame. Adjusting the flags is not per­ma­nent — the clip will return to its orig­i­nal time frame once you move to anoth­er one.

  1. Click and drag the green flag to adjust the start point and the red flag to adjust the end point.

  2. Press play/​pause to play the select­ed time frame. The time frame you select­ed will play repeat­ed­ly until you move to anoth­er clip.