Sideline Pre-Game Checklist

1. Collect your iOS devices for recording and viewing.

Make sure you have enough devices designated for Hudl Sideline. You’ll want to use your newest device for recording and any other recommended devices for viewing.

2. Charge all hardware and iOS devices.

If you have a Plus or Premium package, make sure your portable battery is charged before kickoff. This should be ready to power your end zone hardware throughout the game. Other devices to charge include:

  • iOS recording devices

  • iOS viewing devices

  • Streaming kits (one for Plus, two for Premium)

3. Check the storage on the iOS devices.

Make sure you have 1-2 GB of free space on each iOS device to use during the game. If you’re using two angles, 2-4 GB of free space would be even better. Follow these steps to check each device’s storage.

4. Download the Hudl Sideline app.

Make sure the Hudl Sideline app is downloaded on each device before the first game. An internet or cellular connection must be available to download Hudl Sideline from the App Store. Log in with your existing Hudl username and password before heading to the field.

5. Gather backup accessories.

It never hurts to have a backup for small hardware pieces like adapters and cables. Buy any replacement items that can be switched out on the fly:

  • HDMI cable

  • Ethernet cable

  • Micro-adapter

  • Mini-adapter

6. Prepare for weather.

The router in your package is weatherproof and can sustain rain, snow, wind and more. The streaming kits, battery and HDMI splitter, however, need to be covered from the elements. If it’s especially hot, make sure to protect them from the sun as well.

7. Test your hardware setup.

Take time to test your setup before the first game. Check the video tutorial for your package to make sure everything’s accounted for:

8. Test the router direction.

The direction the router faces is important to the success of the hardware. For the Plus package, make sure the streaming kit is within a few feet of the router, and the router is facing your sideline and recording device. For the Premium package, make sure the press box router is facing the sideline and end zone routers.

9. Record practice clips.

Once your hardware is ready, practice recording a few clips to see how it’s all supposed to work on game day. We also recommend using the Hudl Sideline app to upload those practice clips before the first game. Make sure your device is powered, open and unlocked through the uploading process.

10. Ask your camera operators to record like normal.

Make sure the game is recorded to the camera’s storage like normal. Recording on the camera is independent of recording clips on your Hudl Sideline device, acting as a backup option for your video. Instruct the camera operators to point, zoom and create clips on the camera like normal.