Sideline Pre-Game Checklist

1. Collect your iOS devices for record­ing and viewing.

Make sure you have enough devices des­ig­nat­ed for Hudl Sideline. You’ll want to use your newest device for record­ing and any oth­er rec­om­mend­ed devices for viewing.

2. Charge all hard­ware and iOS devices.

If you have a Plus or Premium pack­age, make sure your portable bat­tery is charged before kick­off. This should be ready to pow­er your end zone hard­ware through­out the game. Other devices to charge include:

  • iOS record­ing devices

  • iOS view­ing devices

  • Streaming kits (one for Plus, two for Premium)

3. Check the stor­age on the iOS devices.

Make sure you have 1 – 2 GB of free space on each iOS device to use dur­ing the game. If you’re using two angles, 2 – 4 GB of free space would be even bet­ter. Follow these steps to check each device’s storage.

4. Download the Hudl Sideline app.

Make sure the Hudl Sideline app is down­loaded on each device before the first game. An inter­net or cel­lu­lar con­nec­tion must be avail­able to down­load Hudl Sideline from the App Store. Log in with your exist­ing Hudl user­name and pass­word before head­ing to the field.

5. Gather back­up accessories.

It nev­er hurts to have a back­up for small hard­ware pieces like adapters and cables. Buy any replace­ment items that can be switched out on the fly:

  • HDMI cable

  • Ethernet cable

  • Micro-adapter

  • Mini-adapter

6. Prepare for weather.

The router in your pack­age is weath­er­proof and can sus­tain rain, snow, wind and more. The stream­ing kits, bat­tery and HDMI split­ter, how­ev­er, need to be cov­ered from the ele­ments. If it’s espe­cial­ly hot, make sure to pro­tect them from the sun as well.

7. Test your hard­ware setup.

Take time to test your set­up before the first game. Check the video tuto­r­i­al for your pack­age to make sure everything’s account­ed for:

8. Test the router direction.

The direc­tion the router faces is impor­tant to the suc­cess of the hard­ware. For the Plus pack­age, make sure the stream­ing kit is with­in a few feet of the router, and the router is fac­ing your side­line and record­ing device. For the Premium pack­age, make sure the press box router is fac­ing the side­line and end zone routers.

9. Record prac­tice clips.

Once your hard­ware is ready, prac­tice record­ing a few clips to see how it’s all sup­posed to work on game day. We also rec­om­mend using the Hudl Sideline app to upload those prac­tice clips before the first game. Make sure your device is pow­ered, open and unlocked through the upload­ing process.

10. Ask your cam­era oper­a­tors to record like normal.

Make sure the game is record­ed to the camera’s stor­age like nor­mal. Recording on the cam­era is inde­pen­dent of record­ing clips on your Hudl Sideline device, act­ing as a back­up option for your video. Instruct the cam­era oper­a­tors to point, zoom and cre­ate clips on the cam­era like normal.