iOS Recording Quality

HD Recording Is Available on Most Apple Devices

Most Apple devices made in the last four years will record 1080p HD video, which is like­ly the same res­o­lu­tion as your exist­ing video cam­era (depend­ing on the model).

To see how record­ing qual­i­ty stacks up, check out the com­par­i­son of two videos record­ed with Hudl Sideline — one from Sony HD cam­era and the oth­er from an iPad Air 2.

Advantages of Recording with an Apple Device

  • Overall video res­o­lu­tion is equal to most video cam­eras used by ama­teur sports teams. 
  • The newest Apple devices record at 4K and work well in low-light sit­u­a­tions (9.7 inch iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus).
  • An iPad’s large, high-qual­i­ty screen is help­ful for videographers.
  • If replac­ing an exist­ing cam­era with Hudl Sideline’s video record­ing option, this per­son can oper­ate Hudl Sideline (ODK and flag­ging plays) while act­ing as your video­g­ra­ph­er. No extra oper­a­tor for Hudl Sideline is needed. 
  • iPads gen­er­al­ly have a great bat­tery life. Backup bat­tery and charg­ing options are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of Recording with an Apple Device

  • Apple devices do not have opti­cal zoom capa­bil­i­ties. Though the built-in dig­i­tal zoom can work well, attach­ments are gen­er­al­ly need­ed to com­pete with video cam­eras with an opti­cal zoom.
  • Without the abil­i­ty to swap in a new mem­o­ry card, disk space needs to be mon­i­tored closely.
  • With old­er devices, night games at fields with poor light­ing, can see decreased video quality.

Recommended Add-Ons

If record­ing with an iPad or iPhone for Hudl Sideline, we rec­om­mend these acces­sories to help you get the same qual­i­ty as your cur­rent setup.

  1. Tripod Mount
    There are a num­ber of sim­ple, inex­pen­sive tri­pod mounts that will fit Apple devices. This will help sta­bi­lize your video and make pan­ning to the left and right much smoother.

  2. Zoom (2x or bet­ter) Lens Attachment
    For most high school and col­lege sta­di­ums, coach­es agree that at least a 2x zoom lens is manda­to­ry in order to achieve a good wide angle. You can pair a 2x opti­cal zoom attach­ment with an Apple device’s dig­i­tal zoom to achieve great results. However, it’s best to test dif­fer­ent attach­ments at your field to find the zoom strength that fits your stadium.

  3. Portable USB Battery
    Just like your exist­ing video cam­era, it’s rec­om­mend­ed to keep an extra pow­er source on hand if you don’t have access to an out­let. iPads and iPhones can be pow­ered by inex­pen­sive portable USB batteries.

Test It out at Your Field

It’s worth test­ing a few dif­fer­ent Apple devices at your field. We rec­om­mend that you record a few clips and see if it’s going to give you the desired view. This is also how you will find out what lev­el of zoom attach­ment you might need.