Frequently Asked Questions

Record With Hudl Sideline

  • How do I upload my clips after my game? Nothing about the way your existing camera records will change. But with Hudl Sideline, every clip will save to your iPad for a quick wireless upload after the game.
  • If I record three angles, can I view all of them with Hudl Sideline? Currently, Hudl Sideline only supports two angles. We recommend using your end zone angle along with the press box view.
  • If I’m filming with a camera connected to Hudl Sideline, does the person running that camera still need to start and stop recording? We recommend that your video crew continue to record like normal. The record button on the Hudl Sideline app will also need to be pressed in order for those clips to be shared.

Devices For Hudl Sideline

  • If I record two angles, do I need two iPads to broadcast? No, only one iPad is needed to record two angles. You’ll see both streams on one iPad. The record button on the broadcasting iPad will automatically record and save one clip from each angle.
  • How many people will I need to run Hudl Sideline? You will need someone to operate your existing cameras, just like normal. You will also need to have one person to control the broadcasting iPad to start and stop each play. That could be one of your camera operators, but could also require an additional person.
  • Will Tag a Game work with Hudl Sideline? Currently, Hudl Sideline does not interact with Tag a Game. Only the ODK data tagged in the Hudl Sideline app will appear for those viewing the video. You can, however, match Hudl Sideline video with Tag a Game data once everything is uploaded to Hudl.
  • Do I need a laptop? No, Hudl Sideline only requires iPads and iPhones to broadcast and review video clips.

Router Setup For Hudl Sideline

  • Do I need to have WiFi to use Hudl Sideline? No, Hudl Sideline creates its own offline network making instant replay an option no matter where you play.
  • Can I purchase my own wireless hardware? No, Hudl Sideline requires specific hardware configured to work with Hudl.
  • What is the range of the wireless router? Video can be broadcast to devices up to a half-mile away. Because the router is a directional antenna, it must be pointed toward your sideline.
  • How durable is the router? The wireless router is built for every kind of weather, rain, sleet or snow.

Return Policy

What is the return policy? 
Hudl will accept returns of the hardware within 30 days of receiving the equipment. For more details contact your Hudl Customer Success Manager.