Frequently Asked Questions

Record With Hudl Sideline

  • How do I upload my clips after my game? Nothing about the way your exist­ing cam­era records will change. But with Hudl Sideline, every clip will save to your iPad for a quick wire­less upload after the game.
  • If I record three angles, can I view all of them with Hudl Sideline? Currently, Hudl Sideline only sup­ports two angles. We rec­om­mend using your end zone angle along with the press box view.
  • If I’m film­ing with a cam­era con­nect­ed to Hudl Sideline, does the per­son run­ning that cam­era still need to start and stop record­ing? We rec­om­mend that your video crew con­tin­ue to record like nor­mal. The record but­ton on the Hudl Sideline app will also need to be pressed in order for those clips to be shared.

Devices For Hudl Sideline

  • If I record two angles, do I need two iPads to broad­cast? No, only one iPad is need­ed to record two angles. You’ll see both streams on one iPad. The record but­ton on the broad­cast­ing iPad will auto­mat­i­cal­ly record and save one clip from each angle.
  • How many peo­ple will I need to run Hudl Sideline? You will need some­one to oper­ate your exist­ing cam­eras, just like nor­mal. You will also need to have one per­son to con­trol the broad­cast­ing iPad to start and stop each play. That could be one of your cam­era oper­a­tors, but could also require an addi­tion­al person.
  • Will Tag a Game work with Hudl Sideline? Currently, Hudl Sideline does not inter­act with Tag a Game. Only the ODK data tagged in the Hudl Sideline app will appear for those view­ing the video. You can, how­ev­er, match Hudl Sideline video with Tag a Game data once every­thing is uploaded to Hudl.
  • Do I need a lap­top? No, Hudl Sideline only requires iPads and iPhones to broad­cast and review video clips.

Router Setup For Hudl Sideline

  • Do I need to have WiFi to use Hudl Sideline? No, Hudl Sideline cre­ates its own offline net­work mak­ing instant replay an option no mat­ter where you play.
  • Can I pur­chase my own wire­less hard­ware? No, Hudl Sideline requires spe­cif­ic hard­ware con­fig­ured to work with Hudl.
  • What is the range of the wire­less router? Video can be broad­cast to devices up to a half-mile away. Because the router is a direc­tion­al anten­na, it must be point­ed toward your sideline.
  • How durable is the router? The wire­less router is built for every kind of weath­er, rain, sleet or snow.

Return Policy

What is the return pol­i­cy? 
Hudl will accept returns of the hard­ware with­in 30 days of receiv­ing the equip­ment. For more details con­tact your Hudl Customer Success Manager.