Set Up Your Additional End Zone Router

  1. Log in to the Hudl Sideline app.

  2. Connect all three routers to pow­er using an eth­er­net cord con­nect­ed to the POE port on the pow­er adapter.

  3. Use an eth­er­net cable to con­nect the Press Box stream­ing kit to the LAN port on the Press Box Router’s pow­er adapter. Repeat using anoth­er eth­er­net cable to con­nect the End Zone stream­ing kit to the LAN port on the End Zone Router’s pow­er adapter.

  4. Connect to the Hudl Sideline net­work using your pro­vid­ed Hudl_​## and password.

  5. Reopen the Hudl Sideline app and select Start Recording.

  6. When prompt­ed, tap Yes, Reconfigure, then Begin.

  7. Check the ser­i­al num­ber on the bot­tom of each stream­ing kit. Select Pressbox or Endzone for the giv­en ser­i­al number.

  8. Enter your pro­vid­ed Hudl_​## and your pass­word exact­ly as they appear on the pro­vid­ed card. Tap Continue, then Configure Next Device.

    The user­name and pass­word are case-sensitive.

  9. Tap Continue, then Configure Next Device.

  10. Unplug and turn off each stream­ing kit. Turn the stream­ing kits back on and check for the WiFi icon next to the bat­tery sym­bol. This may take up to a minute to appear.

  11. Plug the black eth­er­net cord you received with your extra router to the LAN ports on the End Zone router’s (small­er routers) pow­er adapters.