Press Box Setup

Record both your side­line and end zone angle with your HD cameras. 

Download the Premium Set Up Manual here.

Step #1

Press Box Router Setup

What you’ll need: 

  1. Remove the cov­er from the bot­tom of the press box router and plug the orange eth­er­net cord into the Main port. Reattach the cov­er to pro­tect the connection. 

  2. Plug the oth­er end of the eth­er­net cord into the POE port on the pow­er adapter. 

  3. Plug one end of the pow­er cord into the pow­er adapter and the oth­er end into the near­est outlet. 

  4. Use the pro­vid­ed win­dow mount to attach the router to the out­side of your press box, fac­ing the 25-yard line clos­est to your end zone camera. 

Step #2 

Set Up Your Streaming Kit 

What you’ll need: 

  1. Plug one end of an HDMI cord into your cam­era. Depending on the cam­era, you may need an HDMI adapter.

  2. Plug the oth­er end into the stream­ing kit’s HDMI IN port.

  3. Apply one side of the adhe­sive vel­cro to the back of the stream­ing kit and the oth­er to the tri­pod. Secure your stream­ing kit to pre­vent it from hang­ing freely. 

    Do not let the stream­ing kit hang from the cam­era. This could cause the adapter to break.

  4. Connect the pow­er cord to the pow­er port on the stream­ing kit and plug into the near­est outlet.