About the Hardware

Learn more about the hardware included in your Premium package.

About Your Router

The routers create a secure network to connect your recording and viewing devices.

  1. Durability
    The routers are weatherproof, but be careful not to expose the streaming kits, power adapters or cords to water. 

  2. Signal

    Your routers' signal is directional. Your press box router should face the 25-yard line closest to your end zone camera. Your end zone router should face the press box router.

  3. Lights
    A single green light will appear once the router has power.  The remaining lights will appear once a device is connected to the router's network.

About Your Streaming Kits

Each streaming kit will wirelessly send a live feed from your camera to the recording device in the press box. That device will be used to create and ODK clips.

  1. Power
    Make sure they're both connected to power for the duration of the game.

  2. Settings
    Do not change the streaming kit settings unless instructed by Hudl Support.

  3. Start Up
    Allow up to two minutes for each streaming kit to connect to your network.

About the Streaming Kit Display

  1. Blue Light
    The blue light next to the camera icon indicates your camera is connected. If the blue light doesn't turn on, double-check that the camera is connected and turned on. 

  2. Ready
    As long as video is streaming you should see Ready in the top right corner. If you don't, double-check that your camera is connected and turned on.