Ideal Router Setup (Premium)

A strong sig­nal means faster down­loads. Check out these tips for your router and iOS devices.

Router Placement

Router place­ment is vital for both the record­ing and view­ing devices. Please check that your equip­ment is posi­tioned cor­rect­ly and aimed in the right direction.

Press Box Router

  • Make sure your router and record­ing device are with­in 30 feet of each other.
  • Point your router toward the 25-yard line clos­est to your end zone setup.
  • If your press box sits high­er than most, angle the router down towards the field.
  • Check the Wi-Fi sig­nal strength on your record­ing device in the press box. It should have three (3) bars. If you see few­er than three bars, adjust your router’s placement.

End Zone Router and Bridge

  • Make sure your stream­ing kit, router and bridge are with­in five (5) feet of one other.
  • Your router and bridge should be aimed direct­ly at the press box router.