About the Hardware

Learn about the hard­ware includ­ed in your Plus package.

About Your Router

The router cre­ate a secure net­work to con­nect your record­ing and view­ing devices.

  1. Durability
    The router is weath­er­proof, but be care­ful not to expose the stream­ing kit, pow­er adapter or cords to water.

  2. Signal
    Your router’s sig­nal is direc­tion­al. If your router is in the end zone point it at the press box. If your router is out­side the press box point it at the sideline.

  3. Lights
    A sin­gle green light will appear once the router has pow­er. The remain­ing lights will appear once a device is con­nect­ed to the router’s network.

About Your Streaming Kit

The stream­ing kit will wire­less­ly send a live feed from your cam­era to the record­ing device in the press box. That device will be used to cre­ate and ODK clips.

Do not change the stream­ing kit set­tings unless instruct­ed by Hudl Support.

  1. Proximity
    Place the stream­ing kit with­in 30 feet of the router. 

  2. Power
    Make sure it’s con­nect­ed to pow­er for the dura­tion of the game.

  3. Start Up
    Allow up to two min­utes for the stream­ing kit to con­nect to your network.

About the Streaming Kit Lights

  • Turning on: 
    Solid Purple lights and flash­ing yel­low light
  • Connecting to your net­work:
    Flashing yel­low light (first time)
  • Connected to the net­work: 
    Solid yel­low light
  • Starting Stream: 
    Flashing yel­low light
  • Streaming Video: 
    Solid blue circle