View Clips Live

View the Hudl Sideline video instant­ly on the sidelines. 

Before you start record­ing, make sure you are con­nect­ed the your Hudl Sideline net­work.

  1. Open the Hudl Sideline app on your view­ing device/​s. 

  2. Select Start Watching

  3. Clips will load in the list on the left. Select any clip to begin viewing. 

  4. Use the play­back con­trols to fast for­ward, rewind, speed up, slow down or replay a clip. 

  5. Tap the Flag but­ton, indi­cat­ing an impor­tant play, to add a flag icon next to any clip. This will be seen from all view­ing devices. 

  6. Select Switch to Angle… to tog­gle between both of your views. 

  7. Select Exit Video Player to stop viewing.