Test Your Setup

Test your set­up to get ready for your first game.

Test Your Setup

  1. Make sure your router is con­nect­ed to pow­er. 
    You should see lights on the back.

  2. Connect your record­ing iPad or iPhone to the Hudl Sideline network. 

    • Navigate to set­tings –>Wi-Fi to find your team’s pri­vate network. 
    • The net­work name and pass­word are print­ed on a card includ­ed with your hardware. 
    • Contact support@​hudl.​com if you pass­word is ever lost.
  3. Open the Hudl Sideline app.
    If you are not already logged into the app, you will need to dis­con­nect from the Hudl Sideline net­work and use an inter­net or cel­lu­lar con­nec­tion to log in.

  4. Follow the in-app instruc­tions for des­ig­nat­ing the device as your record­ing device. 
    Here you will con­firm video is stream­ing through your iOS device.