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Watch and Review Video

Once you have video and stats, it’s time to add text and drawings and create playlists to share with your team.

Learn your options.

There are two different ways to review video and teach your team. You can add effects to the full video and keep everything in one place, shared with your whole team. Or you can break your video into shorter chunks using playlists, allowing you to spend less time sifting through an entire game to review what you need. Those playlists can be shared with your team, or just the people that need to see them. After all, not everyone’s working on the same skills.

Add effects to the full video.

This is a great choice if you have something that applies to your whole team. The text and drawings you create will live within the original game video, so anyone you share it with will be able to view them.

See how to add effects.

Build playlists from tags.

Searching for that one contested shot? Or the game-winning kill? You can still use filters to find your team’s key plays. Just filter by a team or player, plus any stat, to quickly narrow down your search. Then save it to a playlist to share with others.z

See how it’s done.

Create playlists with clips.

Save the most important teaching moments from your game as clips, then share them in a playlist for individual or team review. You can even add comments to start a conversation with your team about what happened.

Learn more about creating playlists from clips.

Turn reports into playlists.

Click any underlined value on your reports page to see the video associated with that stat. Send those clips to a playlist with the click of a button.