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Manage Your Team

Make sure your account is organized and your player stats are accurate by taking some time to update your roster and schedule.

Add your schedule.

Your schedule has a big impact on uploads, Assist breakdowns, highlights, and exchanges so it’s important you enter it on Hudl before each season (and keep it up-to-date throughout).

Create a new season to get started.
Learn how to add events to your schedule.

Make sure your coaches are added.

When we copied your video and stats from Krossover to Hudl, we sent invites to all coaches listed on your Krossover roster. Double-check that everyone that should have access, does. And if anyone’s missing, now’s the time to add them.

Remove coaches.
Add coaches.

Invite your athletes.

During the migration process, we also added athlete information for any players on your Krossover roster, but left the inviting to you so the right athletes are getting access. The good news is sending the invites only takes two clicks.

Invite your current athletes.
Add new athletes.

Send messages.

Keep the team organized and in the know by sending messages in the Hudl app or on—recipients will get a notification of your message on their devices.

Learn how to message your team.
Check out our messaging FAQ.

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