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Streaming with Hudl Focus FAQ's

What if we plan to use Production Truck to livestream a game?

Customers can use the integration to schedule their broadcasts AND Production Truck without having to schedule in vCloud. Choose the proper broadcast from Production Truck and when you go live, the PT version will replace the previous direct from Focus version. *

*This will not work for the few customers that are using 3rd party encoders.

Where should schedule edits be made?

Any changes to the date/time/camera should be done on the schedule or via the Focus App.

What happens if we schedule a game on vCloud but not on Hudl or the Hudl Focus app?

The broadcast will "go live" at the time of the event and display "This broadcast has been delayed" due to no video. We need the event schedules from the Hudl side in order to link the broadcast with the proper video source (aka Focus).

How do we schedule neutral sites or tournament games?

The "host" (owner of the Focus camera) will have to manage all the Focus scheduling and broadcasting at this time.

They may want to use Production Truck to properly display the participating teams, leverage sponsorships, and/or determine PPV access for fans.

What if I have overlapping recordings?

Overlapping recordings will likely work, but it's not something we recommend because:

  • This essentially doubles the amount of upload speed needed on the camera. If the camera cannot meet these speeds it will cause issues with the live stream
  • Overlapping recordings can cause issues with Hudl film.

How can we configure our pay-per-view settings?

You can set up your pay-per-view settings on using this information.

Will our games appear on the opponent's pages?

If both schools are a part of the Focus Exchange Network, and use Hudl TV, then the live stream will appear on your opponent's Hudl Fan page.