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Scorebird Integration (Remote Truck)

Scorebird Setup

Access your Scorebird account, via, in order to set it up correctly. Make sure that data is coming through. On the Scorebird account, make sure device of the scoreboard matches my facility

Make sure the correct sport is linked with the scoreboard under the Shadow area listed under My Devices on Scorebird's account management page. For example, our Daktronics 5000 scoreboard is showing on our system.

Save the ID number listed there in order to continue.

If there are questions about a specific Scorebird device, or profile management on contact them directly.

Remote Truck Setup

  1. In Remote Truck, navigate up to the upper right and select the Menu, then under the Admin header, select Overlays.

  2. On this screen, there is an option to select Scorebird.

  3. On the Scorebird menu, all existing Scorebirds that are connected are listed. To add a new Scorebird device, navigate down and select the + icon.

  4. Enter in the Scorebird information (the Scorebird ID number for that particular venue's Scorebird's device is needed). Add a description in order to identify which venue that Scorebird is for.

    Tap Add.

  5. Back on the Scorebird screen, the device is now listed. It is checked when selected.

    Slect Overlay to go directly to the Overlay screen to customize the overlay. Select Updates On/Off ,to turn Off the Scorebird device from updating the on-screen overlay.

    Selecting Reset Devices will reset all your Scorebird devices in case issues occur.

  6. Select Show Output to see a toggle to turn certain data off/on. Select the green check or red x to enable or disable certain data from appearing and updating.