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Production Truck Replay & Remote Truck Replay Setup (OVR)

Information below will guide you in aspects of equipment, software and networking setup needed to run BlueFrame's official replay solution in conjunction with our BlueFrame Production Truck software and Remote Truck iOS app.

For an example on how Official Video Review operates and how to set it up, you can also check out the following video:

Equipment Requirements

The official replay solution for up to four individual camera angles within Production Truck is a higher end feature that requires ample performance and bandwidth for usage. See our required equipment items and specs.

Computer (Production Truck)

Macbook Pro (15"+), iMac or Mac Mini

  • 2018 or newer model year
  • 2.0 GHz 4, 6, or 8-core processor (i5, i7, i9)
  • 16GB or more of RAM

iPad (Remote Truck app)

iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro

  • Current generation (2018 or newer)

Network Requirements

The session communication between the Remote Truck iPad app and Production Truck instance works over the same internet network using Bonjour discovery. See the following information to assist with best networking setup.

  • Connection on an exclusive router or network for only the app and computer's use is best.
  • mDNS & Bonjour discovery enabled
  • On the same subnet of the network
  • Open ports: 80, 443, 1935 and 8080

Remote Truck App and Production Truck Software Session Setup and Connection

  1. Install both applications.

    • Install the Remote Truck app from the Apple App Store for iPad OS.
    • Install the Production Truck on your Mac computer. For more information, see our tutorial.
  2. For this session connection to work correctly on the same network please reference the Network Requirements section above.

    • Launch Production Truck and Remote Truck.
    • Navigate to the Connect section on the Remote Truck app.

Auto-Discovery Connection Method

If you are having issues connecting with this method, please see the Manual IP Address Connection Method outlined in the next section.

Aruba Network hardware is not compatible with the Official Video Reviews Auto-Discovery connection method

  1. Select the name of the Production Truck instance under the Production Truck Host section. (Production Truck name will show when app discovers it on the same network.)

  2. Click Join on Remote Truck. This will prompt a message on the Production Truck software to assign the session.

    Click Assign on the Production Truck popup message.

  3. Enable the Replay role for the Remote Truck app instance listed.

  4. Once Replay is enabled, the Remote Truck app will show a new section called "Official Replay" in the side menu.

Manual IP Address Connection Method

This is the recommended connection method if you are encountering any sort of network connection issues with the Auto-Discovery connection method.

  1. In the Remote Truck app under the Connect section choose the Manual option at the top instead of Auto Discover.

  2. To find the IP address from Production Truck Replay instance, on the same network, navigate to the Replay menu in the software and select Replay Status (after enabling the Replay Server and cameras).

  3. This will open a web page that displays an IP address in the address bar. Additionally, if cameras are connected you would see listed camera feeds coming across the server.

  4. To verify the IP Address you can navigate to the Mac's System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP to find the IPv4 Address:

Enabling Replay Server and Sending Camera Angles to Remote Truck

Once the Remote Truck and Production Truck session is connected and assigned, the replay server and cameras will need to be enabled to feed to the Remote Truck app.

  1. Navigate to the Replay tab of the Settings/Preferences menu in Production Truck. Then enable 'Replay Server/ISO Record'. This will start the replay server allowing designated cameras to populate to the app.

  2. Enable the individual camera sources wanted for capturing replay and sending to Remote Truck app.

  3. Verify the camera angles are populating within the Remote Truck app. In the app navigate to the menu and below Production Truck select, Official Replay. If this option does not appear instantly, navigate back to the iPad's home screen and back into the app.

  4. If the camera views are not showing please use the 'Refresh' button on the app to trigger camera angles to populate again.

Adding Picture-in-Picture to Official Video Review

A picture-in-picture camera can be added to Official Video Review. This can be an additional camera or can even be a fifth camera outside of the standard four within Production Truck.

  1. Within Production Truck, navigate to your Preferences, under the Audio/Video tab, select Camera PiP, and then select the camera from the dropdown you wish to utilize.

  2. This camera will then populate the PiP area within the Official Video Review system on the iPad. Ensure that under the Replay tab, you select Enable PIP Replay Clock, we would recommend selecting Replay Status and ensure the PIP clock is showing up a camera within the Replay server.

  3. The Picture-in-Picture view on the iPad will appear in the lower right.


The Enable Server/ISO Record option is not enabled on my Production Truck, why?

Please ensure you are on the latest version of Production Truck. Newer versions contain the option to use Official Video Review

Production Truck and the iPad for Official Video Review are having issues connecting, what can we do?

Please ensure you meet all of the network requirements below. Additionally, we recommend an ethernet connection on both the computer running Production Truck and the iPad being used for the Official Review.

  • Connection on an exclusive router or network for only the app and computer's use is best.
  • mDNS & Bonjour discovery enabled
  • On the same subnet of the network
  • Open ports: 80, 443, 1935 and 8080