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Remote Truck Overlays

Table of Contents


Overlays can be added to a Remote Truck broadcast, including a Scoreboard and a Watermark

  1. In order to access the Overlays customization menu, navigate to the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of Remote Truck. Select the Overlay Setup option.

  2. Control the overlay's visual appearance and placement. A preview of what the overlay will look like appears on the right side of the screen.

    • Overlay - Toggles ALL overlays On/Off
    • Scoreboard - Toggles the Scoreboard On/Off
    • Watermark - toggles the Watermark On/Off
    • Timer - If you have a Scorebird Unit connected, you can toggle the Scoreboard's timer on.
    • Logos - Enable/Disable logos on the Scoreboard. These are uploaded on the Team panel
    • Position Numbers - determines where the Scoreboard appears on the screen
  3. Navigating to the Home/Away tabs allows for customizing the info for each team.

    • Home/Away - select this to type and enter in a Team's name or abbreviation
    • Logo - upload a logo from the device's photos
    • Font Color - toggle between black or white font color
    • Color - choose a color on the left or enter in a color's Hex code on the right.
  4. Navigate back to Overlay on the left and enable the Overlay and Scoreboard option in order for the Scoreboard to appear on-screen.

  5. With the Scoreboard now enabled, navigate back using the arrow in the upper left, to the main camera view. To control scoring and add points, click on the Arrow on the left-hand side of the main Remote Truck screen. This opens the Scoring Panel.

    Toggle between the two teams in the upper left and assign points with the numbers available on-screen.


Watermarks can be added to add a single logo to a Remote Truck broadcast.

  1. From the Overlay menu, navigate down to Watermark. To select a photo, select the image button and this will open up your device's photos. Select an image and it will be used as the overlay.

    The numbers determine the position where the overlay will appear on-screen.

  2. To change the overlay's size, transparency, or exact location, select the gear icon. Use the sliders in order to change these options. Select Done.

  3. To get the Watermark to appear on-screen. Navigate back to the Overlay option in the upper left and enable the Watermark and the Overlay option.