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Update your Poster and Splash Image

Below are the steps to updating your poster and splash image, these two images determine what is displayed on your livestreams as the thumbnail.

Your Poster image shows up as the thumbnail for your broadcasts when the player first loads your content. The Splash Image - your splash image shows up when if there are interruptions during ad breaks. We would recommend updating both.

The recommended size of these images is 1920 x 1080.

Update the image on a single livestream

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Go to Update Broadcast page using the Pencil icon for the specific broadcast.

  3. Scroll down to Settings>General.

  4. Click the Upload a File button and insert the desired image.

  5. Click Save.

Update the image across your entire account

This will update the image across your entire account, including livestreams in the past or scheduled for the future.

  1. From vCloud's homepage, scroll down under Account and select Site Settings for "Your Site".

  2. Scroll down to Settings then General.

  3. Under Poster and Splash image, click Upload a File and select the desired file.

  4. Click Save.


How can I update our team's logo?

Your team's logo for livestream that appears on all of your livestreams is your poster/splash image. You can use the process outlined above to update it.

What format does the image need to be in?

The image needs to be in either 1920x1080 or 1280x720 format and in a .png file format.

I'm trying to update images on our custom app, how can I do that?

Updating the poster/splash image will update that element on your custom app. If you are looking to update assets on the app, such as the logo that appears on the app store, you will need to reach out to our Support Team.