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RTMP Pull - Pulling from an Automated Video Feed

If you have a video feed URL that is publicly accessible, vCloud can automatically pull from that feed and broadcast it.

  1. Log in to vCloud.

  2. Under Produce, select the Broadcast Grid.

    If you have multiple sites, the broadcast will be created under whichever site you have selected at the top of vCloud.

  3. You'll see all of your broadcasts. To create a new one, click Operations, then Create Broadcast.

  4. Provide the information for your broadcast. Fill in the section, give it a title, and indicate the time (including time zone). These three categories, in addition to the contact information that is auto-filled based on your account, are the only ones required by vCloud. For more information on each field:

    • Section - The category that your broadcast will fall under, typically the sport being played.
    • Title - Broadcast title or name of the event. This will help your viewers find the correct broadcast to view.
    • Broadcast Date & Time - The date and time your viewers can expect the livestream to start. You can begin streaming up to an hour before the broadcast time.
  5. Indicate the Expected Duration, which will determine when the broadcast will start and stop on BlueFrame. This is when the RTMP source you are attempting to pull from must be streaming and accessible.

  6. Once your title and time are filled, go to the Alternate Sources box, and select Pull Source. Enter your RTMP/RTSP feed URL in the blank field.

  7. Scroll down and select Create (or Save if you are editing an existing broadcast).

Based on your entered date and time, the broadcast will automatically pull from that RTMP/RTSP feed and begin to stream.