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Making a Broadcast Free and Removing Access Passes

If a broadcast is covered by a pay-per-view Access Pass that has been set up, you can navigate into the broadcasts settings and disable it from being included. This will cause the broadcast to be free-to-view or allow you to change its price point individually.

The broadcast must already be created and an update to the broadcast is needed to make this change.

  1. Navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Go to the Update Broadcast page using the Pencil icon for the specific broadcast. A broadcast cannot be removed from an Access Pass when creating the broadcast.

  3. Go to Settings.

  4. Select the Access Tab.

  5. To remove all pay-per-view from a broadcast and make it free-to-view, select No under the Viewers can purchase content with an access pass setting.

  6. If you just want to remove certain Access Passes, under the "Access Passes that are associated with this content" area, the Access Pass or Passes that are associated with the broadcast are seen.

  7. Uncheck the "Enabled box" to the right to remove this broadcast from the Access Pass.

  8. That broadcast is now removed from the Access Pass. Click Save.


How do I make a livestream free?

Step 6 of this tutorial outlines that. Under the livestream's Settings, then the Access Tab, Select No under the Viewers can purchase content with an access pass option than Save your changes.

Does removing an Access Pass from a livestream refund fans?

No, removing an Access Pass will not refund fans.

Why are some of my Access Passes appear as red on my livestream's settings?

Red Access Passes that appear on your livestream's settings are Access Passes that are not available to be purchased by fans. They may provide some administrative users access or maybe disabled Access Passes.