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Pay-Per-View Setup - Tournament or Groups of Broadcasts

Through vCloud, playlist and Access Passes can be utilized to group broadcasts together and then generate a single price point a viewer would pay for access to all the broadcasts placed into the playlist. This is great for multiple event tournaments or specific groups of broadcasts you want to present to viewers.

If wanting to set up Pay-Per-View for an individual broadcast, please see Pay-Per-View Setup - Individual Broadcast

Setup-Create and Add Broadcasts to a Playlist

  1. In order to create a playlist, find the playlist area of vCloud by going to Produce then Playlists.

    Playlists are site-specific so only playlists for the site in the box at the top of vCloud will populate this area. For many, this will default to a particular school or organization. However, if you have multiple sites choose the correct one from the drop down.

  2. Choose Operations>Create Playlist.

  3. Fill out the information for the playlist. It is recommended to list a specific section as this will help when creating the Access Pass.

    Verify which sport will be included and give it a Title as well as a description if desired.

  4. Add broadcasts to the playlist by updating or upon broadcast creation, add the playlist under the playlist option by typing in its name and selecting it.

Setup - Setup an Access Pass

  1. Navigate to the Access Pass area of vCloud, by going to Access>Access Passes.

  2. Select Operations>Create New Access Pass.

  3. Input information dictating the Access Pass. Enter Title and Description. These are seen by the viewer, so be clear as to what is included in the Access Pass.

    Select your school or organization under the Accessible Content option.

    Under section, match the section with that of the playlist that is already created.

    Set the "Media type" to Playlists

  4. Set the "Access Type" to PPV

    Set the "Price" to be your desired price point.

    Set a purchase end date of when the pass is no longer to be available for purchase. If never, leave it blank.

Setup - Ensure Access Pass is enabled on Playlist

  1. Navigate back to the playlist previously created.

  2. Ensure that "Viewers can purchase content with an access pass" is set to Yes

    Ensure that the Access Pass you just created is set to Enabled in the field below. If any other unwanted Access Passes are listed, ensure they are not enabled.