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Pay-Per-View Setup - Individual Broadcast

On an individual broadcast, setup up pay-per-view to charge viewers for that single broadcast.

Note: If looking to set up pay-per-view that covers multiple broadcasts, an entire season, a specific section, etc. please see Pay-Per-View Setup: Access Passes

  1. When creating a broadcast, navigate down to the Settings option.

  2. Under the Access Passes that are associated with this content, select the Create PPV Event Pass button.

  3. These options are available:

    • Enable Watch Live for viewers to be able to watch the broadcast live.
    • Enable Watch On-Demand for viewers to be able to go back and watch the event after it is archived.
    • Enabled Download for viewers to receive a .mp4 file of the broadcast to keep indefinitely.

    Enter a price charge for this particular event.

    Keep the Single-Use option enabled. Disabling the Single Use option applies this price point to ALL broadcasts.

  4. Select Create.

  5. Pay-per-view price point is now enabled on the broadcasts.

  6. If still creating the broadcast, navigate down and select Create, or navigate down and Save the changes made to this broadcast.