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Pay-Per-View Setup - Broadcast Downloads

Through vCloud, assign a price point that broadcasts will be given when viewers request to download them as a .mp4 file. This allows the viewer to keep that broadcast forever and save it locally to their device. Set this up across your entire site, or just at an individual broadcast level.

Individual Broadcast Setup

  1. When creating a broadcast, navigate to the Settings option.

  2. Under the "Access Passes that are associated with this content", click Create PPV Event Pass.

  3. Enable Download for viewers to receive a .mp4 file of the broadcast to keep indefinitely.

    Enter a price to charge for viewers to download this particular broadcast. Disable the other Watch Live and Watch On-Demand options.

    Keep the "Single-Use" option enabled. Disabling the Single Use option applies this price point to ALL broadcasts.

    Select Create.

  4. The download price option is enabled on the broadcast.

  5. Select Create if still creating a broadcast, or Save the changes made to this broadcast.

Default Site Setup

This setting will make all the broadcasts across the site available for download and under a specified price point.

  1. From vCloud's main page, go to Access>Access Passes.

  2. Select Operations>Create Pass from Template>Pay-Per-View Pass.

  3. Then select "All for a Site" and enter the name of the site on the "Purchase Broadcasts from" field. The name of the site is also at the top of the vCloud page.

  4. Select "Broadcasts" from "Content-Type". Deselect the "Watch Live" and "Watch On-Demand" options. Enabled the "Download" option.

    Use the Section or Start Date and End Date options to limit which broadcasts have downloads enabled on them. For example, selecting baseball as the section will only give viewers the option to download baseball broadcasts.

  5. Add a title and price for access. Click Show Summary. If everything is correct, click Submit for Approval.

A Streaming Support Specialist will then receive a notification about the Access Pass and will enable the pay-per-view downloads.