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Monitoring your Broadcast on vCloud

One of the main keys to making sure you have a great broadcast without issues is monitoring the broadcast. If a paywall is set up on the endpoint, you will not be able to view your broadcast without going through the backend video player.

  1. Log in, and navigate to the Broadcast Grid page under Produce.

  2. Select the "i" icon.

    Use the filters at the top to filter to any of the fields available to find the braodcast.

  3. Click on the video play button icon to the left. The broadcast should be streaming.

    Broadcasts will always be slightly delayed (up to 30 seconds) behind what is happening live.


How can I check my livestream?

You can check on your livestream through the process outlined above. This administrative video player lets you see what your fans are seeing.

What is the delay on the livestream feed from real-time?

Depending on the network, the delay will usually be between 20-40 seconds. If there are network issues at the event's location or on the device being used to view, it can be longer.

The broadcast says it is delayed, is there something wrong?

If the broadcast says delayed, this means it is past the livestream's scheduled time and we have not begun to receive a video feed. Please check on the software or hardware you are using to stream to ensure you are live!