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Create a Broadcast with BlueFrame's Box Truck

Box Truck provides the ability to automate streaming from stationary automated cameras such as a Hudl Focus. Broadcasts can be scheduled in vCloud to start and end automatically.

  1. Log into vCloud. Go to Produce>Broadcast Grid.

  2. This page will show you all broadcasts. To create a new one, click Operations in the top left. Click Create Broadcast.

  3. Fill in each required field in the form.

Section - Choose the correct sport for the event.

The Hudl Focus camera requires an event to be scheduled in the HUDL Focus app at the same time and duration of the broadcast in vCloud. The Hudl team selected for your recording will determine which Hudl Focus camera angle is active for the live feed. The Hudl Focus (Indoor) will only produce a live feed with the recording scheduled under Basketball (Tactical) or Volleyball (Panoramic) and the Hudl Focus (Outdoor) will only produce a live feed with the recording scheduled under Football, Soccer, Lacrosse (Tactical).

See below the configurations needed for the BlueFrame broadcast section and the Hudl Focus recording team.

BlueFrame Section
Hudl Focus (Indoor: Panoramic)
Hudl Focus (Indoor: Tactical)
Hudl Focus (Outdoor: Tactical)
Volleyball (Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls)Volleyball--
Wrestling (Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls)Volleyball--
Basketball (Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls)-
Soccer (Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls)--Soccer

Title - title of the broadcast (It is recommended to add the names of the teams for viewers to easily find the game when searching).

Description - not required but gives viewers more information about the event.

Date - date and time for the broadcast to start

Expected Duration - how long you expect the game to last from the time the broadcast is scheduled to begin (We would recommend a slight overestimate of your Hudl Focus's recording length).

If Expected Duration is not set the broadcast will stop once a Hudl Focus recording is no longer active and if not resumed, the broadcast will auto-archive after one hour from stoppage or a max duration of four hours. If you expect to have your broadcast last longer than four hours, we would recommend setting the expected duration for a specific duration.

Example: BlueFrame broadcast scheduled at 4:30pm with an expected duration of 1.5 hours, the broadcast will stop streaming at 6pm. After this duration the broadcast will stop automatically.

Scroll to the Video Sources option at the bottom and click to expand it. From the dropdown select the Box Truck device. It will likely be labeled as the name of your organization. It will have a checkmark and will show in the Video Source box when selected.

If the Box Truck device is not selected in this dropdown, the livestream will not begin at the scheduled time.

To finalize the event, click Create.