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Set Up and Capture Instant Replay

To use the Instant Replay feature, configure camera sources to capture the replay and decide how long each camera will capture the replay.

The Replay feature is currently only available on the Mac version of Production Truck.

  1. Open the System Preferences window by selecting the gear icon in the center. Select the Replay tab.

  2. Drag the slider to choose how many seconds of video to capture from each camera source. Click the checkbox next to the camera source to enable each camera for that feed to be captured. This will create a separate replay clip from each camera source.

    In the below example, we would be capturing 15 seconds from the program feed and 5 seconds of replay from the Camera 1 feed.

    The number of seconds available can be seen next to the Replay Seconds Available. This is based on the computer's amount of RAM and processing power. When Performance Mode is checked it changes video clips to be captured at 540p instead of 720p. This helps the computer process the clips faster and more efficiently.

  3. To capture instant replay clips, click the Capture Replay button. This will simultaneously capture replay clips from all of the cameras you enabled.

  4. Playing back video clips is as simple as playing any imported clips. Select Capture Replay, it will automatically open the Replay tab and allow for quick cut in your replays. Select the clip to play and click a transition to play it in the broadcast.

  5. Control Replays are similar to video clips, including enabling Audio Override so the audio from the Replay is heard or reducing the speed at which the Replay is played back for a slow-motion look.

    At the end of broadcasts, select the Clear Replays option to remove all replays captured from that broadcast from the Video Clips Editor. This does not delete the files.

  6. Clips are also saved locally on a computer. Find them by going to Documents > Production Truck > Video Clips > Replay Clips. You can also find this path by navigating to the Replay tab and looking at the bottom.

    If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.

Replay Settings

If you are encountering performance issues or your replays are not displaying correctly, you can adjust the replay settings for the best workflow. Below is each setting and a breakdown of each.

  • Fast Encode - replays will appear faster, disable this setting if your computer is at or near our minimum specifications.
  • High Compression - replays will take up less space on your computer, disable this for best replay performance.
  • Full Resolution - your replays will appear faster but it will sacrifice their overall quality, disable this for your replays to appear in the best quality.
  • Enable Threading - replays will appear faster, disable this setting if your computer is at or near our minimum specifications.