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The playlists option allows you to combine multiple video clips to form playlists that allow for easy firing of multiple clips simultaneously.

The Playlists feature is currently only available on the Mac version of Production Truck.

  1. Open the Video Clips window. Select the plus sign and then select the option New Playlist. This will open up the Playlist Builder.

  2. To add clips to the playlist select the plus sign. This will open up a new window, similar to Video Clips. Select files from your computer. Once the desired clips are found locally on the computer, they must be selected. Then select 'open' to pull those videos into Truck.

  3. When loaded into truck they will look similar to the image below with the timecode, name of the file, and the order in which they will play displayed for each clip. The bottom of the playlist builder will indicate the number of items, the total combined runtime, and the size of the playlist.

  4. Name the Playlist.

  5. To open up playlists click on the Plus icon then choose the Open Playlist option.