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Social Media Sharing Login

There are two different types of content to share from Production Truck via social media. The first one is a screenshot of the current content of the broadcast. The second is the sharing of video clips, including clips captured from the instant replay feature. The setup and configuration are the same for both of these features.

Due to the public changing infrastructure at Twitter, our integration with the platform may experience issues.

This feature is currently only available for Production Truck on Mac.

  1. Log in to social media accounts in Production Truck. Currently, Facebook and Twitter are the supported platforms. Go to the Preferences window in Production Truck. On the far right, click Sharing.

  2. Click on Sign In for Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Production Truck will remember the log in so this will not need to be done every time. Each account signed into will be labeled as Active and will display the username of that account.

    Twitter will flash a number after you log in. Disregard this. Once logged into accounts, proceed to use the social media sharing features for screenshots and video clips.

Video Pre/Post Roll and Watermark

  1. Set a video preroll or post-roll that will play before or after each social media post and a watermark that is present on the social media image or video.

    By selecting Select on each, it will open up the finder on your computer and you can select a file

  2. The Video Pre/Post Roll must be no longer than 20 seconds and must be a .mp4 or .mov file. Toggle it between a Pre-roll or Post-roll. It will then automatically be applied to video social media posts.

    The Social Media Water will be applied to images or video clips and can be edited to where it will appear on the image. Select the Edit option to customize how the watermark will appear on the image or video.

  3. Click Save. Below is an example of how that watermark will appear on an image or video.


I'm receiving an error message when logging in, what do I do?

If you are being sent to the social media website via a browser and logging in, but are unable to, we would recommend verifying your login for that site is correct. It may be best to reset your login information for that site.