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Guidelines for Custom Transitions

With Production Truck, custom transitions can be used in broadcasts. To create a custom transition, submit a video animation with a transparent background then send that to our Support Team. That video file is converted into a working custom transition that can be downloaded and used in Production Truck.

Video should be 1-3 seconds long or 60-120 frames.

The video animation MUST have a transparent background or an alpha channel. If the video doesn't have a transparent background we cannot make a transition out of it. Tutorials on Youtube show this process if help is needed.

If the animation is made in Final Cut Pro, export it in the video codec of "Apple ProRes 4444".

The resolution of the video must be 1920x1080, 1280x720, or 640x360. A PNG sequence should be 640x360.

MP4 or MOV file form is recommended.

it is also recommend that the animation covers the entire screen at some point so the cutting of the video sources is shielded from the viewer.

The best transitions have a clear beginning and end. A simple example of this is a fade in of a logo at the beginning and a fade out at the end.

If creating your own transition isn't an option you can always purchase the assets for one from Envato.

*Some knowledge of After Effects or another video editing software may be required.


How do I make custom transitions?

Custom transitions can be made through the process outlined above and sent to our Support Team.