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Creating Highlight Reels with Replays

Create Highlight Reels within Production Truck while producing utilizing Production Truck's Playlist and Replay features. This can be beneficial to create highlight reels for certain players or entire teams for use at the end of the broadcast, at half-time, or at the beginning of the next broadcast.

To Capture Replays, see this document: this tutorial.

The Replay feature is currently only available on the Mac version of Production Truck.

  1. Create a Playlist to allow you to combine multiple video clips that allow for the easy firing of multiple clips simultaneously.

    Combine videos to make one video that will merge into a playlist, open the Video Clips window and select the plus sign and select the option New Playlist.

  2. Click on the Plus symbol to open up Finder on your computer and find files to populate the Playlist.

  3. By default, Finder will open up in your Video Clips section. Navigate into your replay clips folder in order to access all of your replay clips.

  4. Select replay clips to populate the playlist and click Open

  5. When loaded into the Playlist builder they will look similar to the image below. The timecode, name of the file, and the order in which they will play are displayed for each clip are shown. Clips in the list can be clicked and dragged around to re-order. The bottom of the playlist builder will indicate the number of items, the total combined runtime, and the size of the playlist.

  6. Select the Save option to name the Playlist. Enter the name you wish to give the playlist. Then hit Save.

  7. To open up a playlist, in the Video Clips window, select the plus symbol in the tray and select Open Playlist.

You can now play the playlist as a normal video clip, all the individual replays play together with simulated cuts between each clip.