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Production Truck Not Opening or Installation Errors

For Production Truck to function properly, it must be installed correctly. There cannot be duplicates of Production Truck on the computer and it must have the proper access in order to operate properly.

Multiple Versions of Production Truck

  1. If the Production Truck you are attempting to open has a number that follows it, "Production Truck 2" for example, this means more than one instance of Production Truck is downloaded. It will provide the following error message.

  2. To resolve this, search the computer for all instances of Production Truck followed by a number and delete them. You can find these in your computer's Downloads folder. In order to delete a Production Truck application, right-click on the file and select Move to Trash.

  3. Ensure you empty the computer's trash. To do so, navigate to your Trash folder and select Empty Trash.

  4. Navigate back and find the original Production Truck, with no number and attempt to open it. If all versions of Production Truck were deleted, download the app again.

Downloading Production Truck on MacOS

  1. A .zip folder will begin downloading on your computer. Once finished, navigate to the Downloads area of your Mac and open up the zip folder to see the Production Truck application. Move the app itself outside of your downloads to your Desktop for easier navigation.

  2. When you first attempt to open Production Truck, due to macOS security settings, you will likely be met with the following error message.

  3. Select OK, and then navigate to your macOS System Preferences>Security and Privacy.

  4. Under the General tab, there will be an indication that Production Truck was blocked. Select Open Anyway, and you will be prompted again to open Production Truck. The Production Truck login screen appears.

  5. Production Truck is now accessible on your Mac. If receiving an error when attempting to bring in Camera or Audio connections, this is likely a security setting on your Mac. For more information please see this Help Article: Mac OS Camera & Microphone Privacy Setting

    Navigate back to your macOS Security and Privacy settings, select the Privacy tab, and ensure that Production Truck is enabled under your Microphone and Camera settings. Restart Production Truck for these changes to take effect.

  6. Place the Production Truck folder into the Documents folder.

  7. The Production Truck folder, where your files are stored, will automatically appear under the Documents area of your macOS.