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Stream to YouTube

Streaming to YouTube through Production Truck is easy with YouTube integration. Log in to Production Truck to create and schedule broadcasts. Go live on Youtube and you're streaming! RTMP can also be used to stream to YouTube.


Direct Integration

  1. To begin streaming to YouTube, set up your streaming account on This is done through a Google account.

  2. Go to and log in. To log in, go to the Login button in the top-right corner.

  3. Go to Creator Studio page by clicking on the video camera icon in upper right-hand corner. Select Go Live.

    Youtube will need to verify your account if it's the first time live-streaming. You will be prevented from broadcasting for 24 hours, so keep this in mind!

  4. On Production Truck's preference menu, navigate to Service tab to change streaming service to YouTube. Click Sign-In and a new tab will open to allow you to sign in to YouTube.

    Depending on your browser, it may claim Production Truck is not a trusted developer. Click Advanced>Continue Anyway.

  5. Production Truck is now connected to YouTube. The name of the channel will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the Service tab on the preferences menu.

    Broadcasts created in Production Truck will automatically be created on YouTube to create a broadcast.

  6. YouTube requires you go live on their end once the broadcast is ready to stream, and once you go live in Production Truck.

    When live in Production Truck, navigate back to Creator Studio page in Youtube by clicking the Go Live button. Select Manage tab at the top and select your broadcast.

  7. To continue, answer whether the livestream is child friendly.

  8. A preview of what is currently streaming will be in the top right-hand corner through the preview menu. When ready, click Go Live to stream on YouTube.


  1. Go to to log in to your account.

  2. Click the video camera icon with the plus in the top right to generate a drop-down menu. Click Go Live.

  3. In YouTube Studio, you will find two options titled Stream and Manage. Select Stream if you have not yet created your broadcast. Select Manage if the broadcast is already created.

    If no stream is scheduled, choose Stream and fill in requested information. Save the information on the pop-up for input later.

    If stream is scheduled, choose Manage and click broadcast's title. Save the information on the pop-up for input later.

  4. Copy Stream Name/Key and Stream URL displayed on the Stream Setup Help pop-up.

    Pro Tip: Stream information can also be found on the broadcast's settings page under the Preview window on the default tab titled Stream Settings.

  5. Log in to Production Truck and go to the preference wheel. Click Services to change your streaming service to RTMP and click Create Broadcast.

  6. Enter the description as the title of your stream. Copy and paste the information from YouTube into each respective field in Production Truck.

    • YouTube's Stream Name/Key = Production Truck's Stream Name
    • YouTube's Stream URL = Production Truck's Host URL
  7. A preview of the broadcast will appear in the upper left-hand corner. Select Go Live in the upper right-hand corner to stream to YouTube.

  8. In Additional Settings, select the following:

    • Enable Auto-Start.
    • It is not recommended to select Auto-Stop, as this will stop the YouTube stream if the connection is lost.