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Log in and Switch Streaming Services

The first step for setting up a live broadcast is logging in to Production Truck and selecting a streaming service. Production Truck allows for direct integration with many various streaming services such as vCloud, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

  1. Logging In

    Once downloaded, click the Production Truck Icon to launch the software

  2. Log in with the same credentials used on vCloud.

  3. To set the streaming service to the correct destinations, open the Preferences window by clicking on the gear icon in the middle of Production Truck.

  4. In the Preferences window click on the "Service" tab on the far left.

  5. Under Streaming Service: there is a dropdown option to select the streaming service. Direct integration with many live-streaming services is offered. However, if these are not adequate, streaming services likely allow for RTMP information to be utilized, in which case select Generic (RTMP/UDP/SRT).

    Facebook is only available on the Mac version of Production Truck

  6. Once a streaming service is selected, create a broadcast event. Click Create Broadcast in the bottom right corner of the system preferences window.

    Depending on the streaming service, creating a broadcast process may look different. Using services such as Facebook, Stretch Internet, or an RTMP stream may require some outside information and logging in to their system as well to create the broadcast.