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Go Live with Production Truck

Successfully test your broadcast inside of Production Truck and go live to your viewers.


Test Mode only appears if streaming through BlueFrame's vCloud Streaming Service. For streaming to other services, they will go straight to live.

Start Test Mode

Once you have input your camera source(s) and audio source you would like to use, the next step is to start testing how your broadcast will look without going live by starting Test Mode. This is a required step before being able to go live (with the BlueFrame streaming service) and allows you to make sure things are operating well prior to going live.

  1. Click Test>Confirm.

You are now testing your stream privately. Checkpoints that are important to see how your stream quality will be when you go live:

  • You will see the bar under TEST illuminated with a light blue glow.
  • The timer in the top right-hand side of the software should be counting up from 00:00:00. This shows you that your test mode is working and has been active for the amount of time shown.
  • On the Program Feed, you should see Prebroadcast Test. This will only be shown to you as the broadcaster and will go away once you are live.

Start Live Broadcasting

If everything looks good in Test Mode and you are ready to start sending the feed to your streaming site.

  1. Click the LIVE button next to the TEST button while you are actively testing.

  2. Click Confirm.

You are now streaming live to your streaming site. A few things to check to verify that your stream is actively streaming and streaming correctly:

  • The bar under the LIVE button is illuminated.
  • The timer in the top right-hand corner is counting up from 00:00:00.
  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the software, you should see Status: Streaming Live

Stop Live Broadcasting

Once your event has ended and you are ready to stop the stream, Click the LIVE button, followed by Confirm in the pop-up window.

The software takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how long your event lasted, to upload and save the content that you just recorded while you were live in your event. You will then be prompted with three options:

  • Not Done: This means you are stopping your stream for a short period of time and are wanting to resume to this stream again within the same hour or day.
  • Archive: Most Popular option, this means that you are wanting to store this broadcast for yourself as well as viewers to watch anytime they want on your streaming site.
  • Delete: This option is mostly used for testing and allows you to delete a broadcast you no longer need to see in the future.

Choose the option that fits your needs.