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Download & Install Production Truck

In order to get started with Production Truck, download it on a computer. Production Truck can be downloaded from our website or directly from vCloud if our streaming services are also used.


Download from vCloud

  1. After logging into vCloud. Go to the Help tab in the navigation bar and select Downloads to download Production Truck.

  2. Choose the platform to download Production Truck onto.

  3. Select Download.

Downloading Production Truck on MacOS

  1. A .zip folder will begin downloading on the computer. Once it is finished, navigate to the Downloads area of the Mac and open up the zip folder to see the Production Truck application. Move the app itself outside of your downloads to your Desktop for easier navigation.

  2. On the first attempt to open Production Truck, due to macOS security settings, the following error message will most likely appear:

  3. Select OK. Navigate to your macOS System Preferences>Security and Privacy

  4. Under the General tab, there will be an indication that Production Truck was blocked. Select Open Anyway. The Production Truck login screen will then appear.

  5. Production Truck is now accessible on your Mac. If receiving an error when attempting to bring in Camera or Audio connections, it is likely a security setting on your Mac. For more information please see our tutorial on Mac OS Camera & Microphone Privacy Setting Issue

    Navigate back to the MacOS Security and Privacy settings, select the Privacy tab and ensure that Production Truck is enabled under Microphone and Camera settings. Restart Production Truck for these changes to take effect.

Production Truck Mac users should add Production Truck to the Applications folder.

The Production Truck folder where files are stored will automatically appear under the Documents area of your macOS.

Downloading Production Truck on Windows

  1. A .zip folder will begin downloading on the computer. Once completed, navigate to the Downloads area of your Windows computer and select the Production Truck file download.

  2. Setup wizard will walk you through installing Production Truck to your computer.

If a version of Production Truck is already installed, various options will be presented. It is recommended to remove Production Truck, then re-downloading it in order to resolve any issues.

The Production Truck folder, where files are stored, will automatically appear under the Documents area of the Windows computer.

If you have any additional questions, contact our support team here.